Among Us is a multi-player social deduction game. The game is played by 4-10 players who are divided into Crewmates and Impostors.

The crewmates are required to complete tasks and fish out the impostor(s). the impostor is required to kill all crewmates and sabotage the ship.

Among Us is a game of wits and information. Whether you are playing as a crewmate or as an impostor, you need to be smarter than your opponents to win. 

In this article we will go through 10 tips that would improve your gameplay and help you to become better as a crewmate and as an impostor.

Five tips for crewmates and five tips/tricks for impostors.

Among Us gameplays For Crewmates

#1 Among Us Gameplay for Crewmates

If you spot a player coming out of a room with one entrance, for example MedBay.

If the player walks out from the side of the room where there is a vent and there is no task, there is a high chance the person is an impostor that just came out of a vent.

Keep this in mind when you spot players walking out of a room. Look out for the tasks and the vent in that room.

If there is no task in the area you saw the player walk from but there is a vent, then they are sus.

#2 Among Us Gameplay for Crewmates

If you notice a player taking the same task twice, then they are sus, because they are most likely an impostor faking the tasks.

This may be really difficult to keep in mind for every player because you cannot memorize every player’s activity.

Nevertheless, if you happen to notice a player taking the same task twice, chances are that player is an impostor.

#3 Among Us Gameplay for Crewmates

In the POLLUS map, there is a vitals computer in the office. You can use the vitals computer to tell the status of every player in real time.

So, while you are monitoring the vitals and a player suddenly drops dead, you would see it in real time on the computer.

Now if the dead body is reported immediately after the kill then you can tell that it is a self-report. This trick is exclusive to the POLLUS map.

#4 Among Us Gameplay for Crewmates

In The Skeld map, most people use security cameras to monitor activity and catch an impostor, but not many people make use of the admin map.

The admin map is a really useful tool that can help you find an impostor easily. When you see a player move from one end of the map to another you immediately know that they just vented and at the same time it tells you where they are.

The admin map can also be really useful for impostors to find crewmates who are alone so they can go for a kill.

#5 Among Us Gameplay for Crewmates

Since impostors cannot perform tasks and can only pretend to, some tasks have animations that begin whenever the task is being carried out.

For example, the shooting task in weapons room has a fire animation just east of the screen.

If a player stands there and you do not see any animations indicating that the task is being carried out, then that player is most likely an impostor.

Among Us gameplays For Impostors

#1 Among Us Gameplay for Impostors

The Stack Kill: One great way to kill crewmates and not get caught is to go for a Stack Kill.

A stack kill happens when players are clumped together in one spot, either doing a task or fixing a sabotage then someone in the crowd kills someone.

When you see three or more players in one spot, simply walk into the crowd and make a kill.

They won’t even know who made the kill because there are so many people in one place

#2 Among Us Gameplay for Impostors

As an imposter, your primary job is to kill, sabotage and not get caught.

You can kill a crewmate and draw attention away from the body and yourself by sabotaging something on the other side of the building, that way other crewmates are forced to run to another side of the building trying to fix the sabotage, giving you enough time to move away from the body.

#3 Among Us Gameplay for Impostors

Don’t always wait until you get very close with a crewmate before you go for the kill.

Every second counts and any second wasted could be the time needed for crewmate to walk in on you making the kill.

You can kill a crewmate when there is a red outline on their character, you do not have to get too close to make the kill.

#4 Among Us Gameplay for Impostors

During meetings after a dead body has been reported, always act clueless and constructively frame a crewmate.

While you move around looking for someone to kill, take note of crewmates acting sus, you will need it during voting.

Convince crewmates to vote out that crewmate with good reasons.

Be careful not to sound too convincing because if you do that consecutively and they keep ejecting players who aren’t impostors, crewmates may start suspecting that you are an impostor framing crewmates up.

#5 Among Us Gameplay for Impostors

If you must kill someone publicly, immediately align yourself with the body so that anyone who is passing will not see the dead body

Other tips and tricks for Among Us

  1. In the swipe card task, quickly swipe the card left and right to complete the task.
  2. If you are an impostor, never pretend to perform an easy task for too long. some tasks are too easy and if you stand there doing it for long, crewmates may suspect you.   
  3. The best tasks to fake as an impostor in the Skeld are the download, refuelling and the wire fixing tasks. They are two step tasks so you do not have to worry about the task bar. But you should be careful not to jump to the second part especially in the beginning of the game. Running to do the second part of a task without doing the first exposes you as an impostor.
  4. If an impostor sabotages and turns off the lights, the security cams still work and you can still see everything with lights.           
  5. In The Skeld map, if you are in the security room and you notice the vent open up in the MedBay, quickly view the security cams to check who comes out of MedBay. That is the impostor.
  6. The divert power task in the reactor is only for show. It is a model and it cannot be done, if you find anyone faking it then that is most likely the impostor.                 
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