Among Us has become a global phenomenon in the past few months.

After streamers popularized the game, the Among Us community has continued to grow bigger ever since. In this age of social media, we all know how important memes are, and this game has inspired some of the most hilarious memes on the internet.

Maybe because the game is about trust, deceit and wits – that combination mixed with the humour and creativity of meme makers is the perfect recipe for most of the hilarious Among Us memes.

Memes are integral to the popularity of Among Us. You know how when you stumble on a meme on discord, twitter or reddit and everyone except you finds it really hilarious?

Then you become super curious and you just want to understand what that meme is all about and why everyone thinks it is so funny? (everyone except you of course)

Just because human beings do not like being left out, in your quest to understand why the meme is funny, you would find out about the game and you probably would end up playing it.

That is how memes increase the games popularity. These memes are not just funny and relatable but they are a great way to relive moments from Among Us.

Without further ado, I will run you through the 15 funniest Among Us memes I found on the internet. In no particular order.

#1 Among Us Meme: Safety is a lie

Always be at alert and trust nobody in this game. We will never be truly safe until we purge the earth of all impostors.

#2 Among Us Meme: Acts surprised

“No way! Who did that? I think it is red, red is kind of sus”

#3 Among Us Meme: All pets go to heaven

The fact that pets mark a territory at the spot where their owners died, mourning them till eternity gets me emotional.

#4 Among Us Meme: You literally just killed me, bro!

This must be how we would feel when we all die and those that made our lives a living hell attend our funerals and start crying. Like come on now! I saw you do it.

This is exactly why we all love Among Us. The lies, the deceit and betrayal is something we can all relate to… or not.

#5 Among Us Meme: The anxiety when someone tries to get too close

One thing Among Us has done is confirm why you need to wear a mask and maintain social distance. There are imposters in our midst. In the game they wield knives, but in real life they carry the virus.

#6 Among Us Meme: Pets are complicit

This raises the question, do all dogs truly go to heaven?

Because some of the worst people to ever walk the face of the earth owned dogs, and since influence and environment shapes our values, these dogs would have been evil too, hence they cannot be in heaven.

Also, In the event that their owners die and go to hell because they are evil, if all dogs had to go to heaven then we would be robbing them of the joy of reuniting with their evil owners.

#7 Among Us Meme: No one cares about the Impostor

I mean, it literally has nothing to do with the fact that all the impostor does is deceive, kill everyone and sabotage the ship; no one cares about the impostor. I think, maybe if impostors spoke up more, people can help them.

#8 Among Us Meme: Guys, you have to believe me

This brings back a lot of childhood PTSD, which is why I choose to never explain myself to anyone that doubts me. Except that, in Among Us, your survival depends on how well you can convince and prove your innocence, even when you are the imposter and you are not innocent.

#9 Among Us Meme: This doesn’t feel like home

There is no place like The Skeld. Even when the job takes us to a different map on some occassions, Skeld would forerever be home for most Among Us players.

#10 Among Us Meme: How friends turn foes: An Among Us tale of betrayal, deceit and mistrust

“It is not me, it’s you”. Partnership is needed to complete those tasks on time but the few imposters will always cause confusion. Imposters must also be very good at playing the blame game to avoid being ratted out.

#11 Among Us Meme: Elite impostors only

This is when the imposter successfully takes everyone down and is left with the last crewmate. The crewmate realises that everybody has been ejected except the one person who is the imposter. A true “always has been” moment.

#12 Among Us Meme: Death does not excuse you from service

Maybe death does not excuse you from service, but it does excuse you from voting. After you die, you can just stick around to laugh at the other humans the impostors kill next, or you laugh at the crewmates eject themselves.

#13 Among Us Meme: If your therapist was a crewmate

Rule number one of the impostor code is to never speak the truth to a human crewmate. Never.

#14 Among Us Meme: That sucks

When this happens, you can just proceed to vote out the identity thief, that should make you feel better.

#15 Among Us Meme: So, this must be how it feels to be a lawyer

A good impostor must perfect the art of lying. An impostor’s most useful and valuable weapon is deceit.

Which of these memes can you relate to the most? Which one cracked you up the most?

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