Among Us is surprisingly the rave of the moment. The simple cross platform multiplayer game that has taken the gaming world by storm. In recent months, Among Us has risen to become one of the most streamed games on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and even Facebook.

The game consists of a team of 4-10 players who are called crewmates. The crewmates prepare the spaceship for departure by completing tasks on the ship.

But among the crewmates are impostors whose job is to sabotage the ship and kill off crewmates.

For the crewmates to win, then they have to identify the impostors and eject them out of the ship by voting them out during meetings; or they have to complete the tasks.

For the impostors to win they have to kill all crewmates while remaining anonymous. Impostors cannot carry out tasks, but they have a fake task list that they follow to blend in with the crewmates.

Launched in mid-2018, the game was developed and published by American game studio, Innersloth. It was released on mobile (Android and iPhone) and Windows PC.

The title recorded 86.6 million downloads between August and September 2020, making it the most downloaded mobile game in the third quarter of 2020.

Surpassing games like scribble rider and subway surfers.

The unprecedented rise in the game’s popularity in a short period has generated a huge community of players who love the simple, fun online game.

These communities can be found networking on platforms like twitch, discord, Facebook, twitter etc.

The mobile version is free to download and play on both iOS and Android, but the PC version costs $5 to purchase on Steam.

We made an article explaining how to purchase, download and play on your PC, do check it out.

Although the mobile versions of Among Us is free, it contains ads and in app purchases.

However, the ads are moderate and should not ruin your game play at all, but if you do not want to see ads anymore, it costs a one-time fee of $2 to disable ads.

How to Download and play Among Us on mobile devices

Downloading Among Us on mobile devices is a very simple and straight forward process since the game is already available on play store and app store. follow through on this article if you want to download and play Among Us on your mobile devices.

Downloading Among Us on Android

Step 1. Open google Play Store app on your device.

Step 2. Search for “Among Us on Play Store”

Step 3. When you find the game, Install “Among Us” (Size is about 70-80mb)

Step 4. Once the installation finishes, proceed to open the game.

To download Among Us for free On Apple IOS

Step 1. Open the App Store on your iOS mobile device. (iPhone, or iPad)

Step 2. Search for “Among Us”.

Step 3.  Download and Play. Size is less than 200mb.

When you open the game, choose your preferred player name, join or host a game to start playing.

How to play Among Us with friends

Among Us is a game of teamwork, deceit and betrayal, and those three elements of the game is best enjoyed with friends than random strangers on the internet.

While it can be fun playing with new people by joining games, it can be much more fun when you team up with friends.

The easiest way to play with friends is to host your own private game.

When you decide to host your game, you are required to choose your preferred game conditions.

From how many impostors to maximum number of players in the lobby, to the map you are playing in.

The ability to turn your lobby into a private or public one is a very important factor to note when hosting your game, if you only want to be playing with your friends.

When you are sent to the lobby, you can do additional customizations on the little laptop on the table in the crewmates dropship.

You can choose the colours of your crewmates and other cosmetics you would be wearing.

You can decide how many tasks will be given to all crewmates, the impostors and crewmates range of view, etc.

To invite other people, you make use of a code that is given to all private lobbies. All players already inside the lobby can see the code and share with friends so that they can join your private lobby.

For them to join the game with your lobby code, they simply need to go to Online. Underneath the “Host” and “Public” sections, there is a “Private” section.

You would see a button that says “Enter Code” below.

Tap on the button and enter the lobby code of any private lobby you wish to join.

Among Us Mobile Controls.

Among Us was primarily built for mobile, so, the mobile controls are pretty smooth and easy.

The UI features an analog stick in the bottom left to control movement. Similar to how almost every modern mobile game control works.

On the right, you will find some virtual buttons too. Such as settings, map, use and report.

Pros of Among Us Mobile

  1. No Voice chats: Among Us is about teamwork and deceit and as such, it is meant to be played in silence, until it is time for voting. With PC, players can engage in voice chats during the game, via discord. Which ruins the whole essence of the game.
  2. It is free to download: The mobile versions of Among Us do not cost anything to download and play, compared to the PC versions that cost $5

Cons of Among Us Mobile

  1. Due to the fact that the game is free to download from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, it contains ads. That may be frustrating for those who hate to see ads. However, the ads do not ruin the gameplay and you can get rid of them forever with just $2.
  2. Smaller overview: Ccompared to PC, mobile devices have significantly smaller screens (except tablets). The experience with a wider screen just feels better for gaming.
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