Among us is a cross-platform social deduction multi-player game. One of the most surprising hits this year in the gaming world. The number of downloads and streams that the game has garnered this year, particularly in the second half of the year has been unprecedented. It was reported in September 2020 that the game got 70% of its lifetime downloads since 2018 in just one month. Thanks to twitch streamers and of course COVID-19.

It is an online multi-player game, that can be enjoyed with 4-10 friends over different platforms. The game play is simple, it divides you into two teams, the crewmates and the impostors. The crewmates need to finish tasks and avoid getting killed by impostors, the job of the impostors is to sabotage the tasks and kill crewmates without getting caught.

For crewmates to get rid of impostors, they need to hold meetings and vote out who they suspect that the impostors are. Any crewmate can call an emergency meeting. Meetings are also called after a crewmate is killed. Whoever has the most votes, that is the player whom most players suspect to be an impostor is ejected from the spaceship. Then it is announced whether that person was the impostor or not. In a situation where there is a tie, no one is ejected.

The game was developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. It was released on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (steam). Mobile players can download the game on their app store.

The mobile versions of the game are free but the PC version from Steam costs $5.

I will be explaining in this article how you can download and play among us on Steam in easy steps, but before we proceed, I would briefly explain what steam is for the sake of those who aren’t familiar with the platform.

What is Steam?

Steam is a social gaming platform where you can seamlessly play, purchase and even discuss games with other gamers like you. It is like a gaming social media where you don’t only get to play with friends, but also chat with new people by joining forums. You can also play demos. Steam is strictly for PC games and there are about 37,000+ games on the steam store. It boasts of about 100,000,000 monthly users.

Steam also has good community features that enables you to interact with people and find new people to play with, similar to discord.

The community market place on steam allows you to purchase and sell game items. You can make some money from selling these items to other gamers. There is an inventory where you can find all your stored items. You can use these items within games or sell them.

There are steam levels. Your steam level increases as you participate in steam events or unlock trading cards by playing games. You can sell and buy these trading cards in the market place too. Now that we know what Steam is…

How to get Among Us on Steam

Step 1. Open your browser and search for “Among Us on Steam”.

Step 2. Click the first result that leads you to the among us game on the steam store. Or click here.

Step 3. Once you are on the steam store, look for the green “add to cart” button on the right and click it. You will see the price of the game ($5) beside it.

Step 4. After you complete step 3, it takes you to your shopping cart. You should see a green purchase for myself button, just beside purchase as a gift, click it.

Step 5. Sign in or Sign up your steam account. Once you add a payment details, the game purchases. Enjoy your game.

How to play Among Us on PC

The controls for among us on PC is the usual WASD navigation used for most PC games, so, if you are familiar with PC gaming then you should not have any difficulty.

Here is a table for the controls.

Send chatEnter
Open chatC

Why should you play Among Us on PC

  1. A bigger screen and upgraded graphics: Unlike mobile, PCs offer you up to 14”-18” (or more) screen size. The big screen gives a wider, bigger and better overview of the game. To increase your chances of winning you need the wider overview. Apart from the bigger display, the graphics on a PC is a is significantly better.
  2. Faster to type on a keyboard: You need to type while communicating with fellow crewmates. Using a laptop’s keyboard is way easier than using a keyboard on a phone. This makes communication faster and more seamless.
  3. With a touch screen laptop, you can enjoy the mobile and PC experience on the same device.
  4. Playing with discord on PC allows you to voice chat crewmates, which is not possible in game.

Cons of playing on PC (Steam)

It costs $5 on steam to purchase Among Us, but it is free to download on mobile.

Meanwhile, this is not really a con if you consider that the paid version from steam contains zero ads, compared to the free mobile version where you inevitably see frequent ads.

You can choose to remove ads from the mobile version for just $1.99. If you download the mobile version for free and remove ads for $2 (one-time purchase), then you would have saved $3.

I hope we have been able to cover all that you need to know concerning purchasing Among Us on Steam and playing on PC.

Whether you choose mobile or you opt for PC, you would not be missing out on any major thing on the cross-platform game, hence, the choice is yours.

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