Auctionnation is a website that acts as an auctioneer platform, linking buyers with sellers.

They boast of their ability to move assets for businesses entering closure or liquidation.

Very few auction companies have the energy and verve that you will find with Auctionnation.

This is immediately evident when you visit their website at

They have a website that makes it easy for buyers to navigate and see what’s on sale.

The homepage shows you the items with the closest deadline first. This is accompanied by a general description of the items on sale.

It can be a fun experience for you if you like to do a bit of window-shopping before picking up what you came for.

It could also get frustrating if you just want to pick up what you want without the drama that comes with it.

Auctionnation makes provision for the different types of visitors to their site.

That is why they are a great option for so many people. Here are some great tips to get the best out of this amazing website.

Place Value

You would have seen movies where gentlemen and ladies in perfectly tailored outfits raise cards and call numbers at an auction.

It is perfectly obvious to anyone that these people are paying over the market rate, but they don’t care. Scenes like these are only fun to watch in movies.

In real life, you cannot afford to pay more than the market rate for stuff unless you can afford to. Also, it’s nice to brag about saving money on bargains.

Before you enter any auction, you need to set a maximum price for the item on sale.

The auctioneer already put a minimum price, so they do not have to sell at a loss.

It would help if you had the maximum price to make sure you don’t also pay over the going rate because of the adrenaline rush. If nothing else gets through to you, this should.

Read the Fine Print

The nature of the business that Auctionnation conducts requires them to look out for themselves.

On a single auction, you might find office equipment as well as stamp collections. Hence, a one-size-fits-all T&C does not work.

You should be looking out for instructions such as shipping and return policies on the items. Once you find them, make sure you read them all the way.

These little things can save you a lot of trouble because Auctionnation will not take responsibility for your indiscretion.

Once you know these things, you can factor them in placing a bid that will make you feel good about yourself afterward.

So, you will not pay over the top for a copier machine and begin a scramble to get it delivered in 24 hours.

Be Vigilant

Auctionnation built a business model on getting the maximum value for any item on sale.

Part of the strategy they use, attested to by the president and owner, Gabriel Prado, is house bidding.

These are bids from in-house bidders to encourage organic offers until they reach a suitable number – the reserve price.

That is the level where they don’t have to sell at a loss.

According to the law in Arizona where the business is based, in-house bidding is perfectly legal. And you can’t blame them.

Bidding on some of these items starts ridiculously low. As a customer rightly pointed out, “How will they make any profit if they sold a car for $100?”

The onus is on you as an organic bidder to recognize when the competition starts to look automated. You only place counter bids when you are sure the item on sale is worth it.

You can get away with it with the lower-priced items where you overspend by a few tens or hundreds of dollars.

One way to recognize the automated bids is by looking out for their unique number. Everyone has a number attached to them, so do these accounts.

They typically become more active towards the end of the auction, and the activity s more in high-value auctions. These accounts are not very many, but they are effective.

In summary, ‘more money, more problems.’

Stick to Auctions Near You

We advise this for different reasons – each important as the next.

  • It is easier to get your goods delivered
  • It costs less
  • You can easily make returns if they do not meet the descriptions given on the website.

All these points should concern you before entering a bidding war. Imagine buying an item with a 24 hours return policy, and you don’t even see it for some 48 hours. It is not a bargain when you cough up all you saved on delivery.

Also, the odds that your goods might get damaged in transit increases with the distance it has to travel to get to you.

Avoid the Noise

As we have gone through so much pain to emphasize from the beginning of this article, we will reiterate once more.

You should not get sucked into any drama you don’t need. Avoid making any impulse decisions too, because you are more likely to regret those.

Usually, the person that is willing, able, or has the combination of both wins the auction. Unless you are sure you can afford it, and you really need it, you don’t have to go out of your way to win the auction.

There are no prizes for winning an auction other than the stuff you paid for. So, you have to be sure it was worth it.

In conclusion, Auctionnation is an excellent website for anyone looking to get a bargain.

However, you can save some more if you maintain discipline and follow the expert advice that we have freely offered you.  

Happy bidding!

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