Online auctions have been a major part of the e-commerce sector since the late 90s.

Many people around the world are participating in auctions to get rare, regular, and valuable items at a bargain.

Since eBay became successful, a lot of auction sites have emerged, fulfilling specific needs and promising a safe, secure, and easy-to-use auctioning experience to all their users.

We will put you through the top 10 best auctioning websites that are worth your money and time.

#1 AUCTION WEBSITE eBay is by far the overall best auctioning website in the world.

Being the most popular auction site and one of the biggest e-commerce giants in the world, it has become a haven for 182 million buyers and sellers worldwide.

eBay has an excellent user interface and 182 million users. This means you are more likely to find what you want; you are also more likely to sell your products faster.

eBay offers a very wide range of products to buy from, compared to other websites.

You can get products from any niche and category. There is almost nothing you cannot get on eBay.

eBay also protects its buyers with a money-back guarantee in case a buyer does not receive the product they paid for.

Buyers can also easily read a seller’s ratings and return policies.

The most notable downside to using eBay would be the expensive fees.

Sellers are charged a commission for each sale and even though they are given a certain number of free listings per month, they still charge to use many other upgraded features.

#2 AUCTION WEBSITE eBid is another major player in the auctioning market.

The website has about 3 million registered users and it offers buyers a variety of products to choose from. Including a lot of rare one-of-a-kind items.

The website markets itself as the cheapest way to list and sell your items.

This is due to the low fees they charge when you make a sale.

The maximum commission eBid can charge on a sale is 5%, but if you plan to sell long term on the website, you can subscribe to a lifetime seller plan that gives you access to all free photos and no final value fee.

eBid has a simple, easy-to-use user interface, it is also a cheaper option than eBay.

However, the small user base may reduce your chances of making sales.

#3 AUCTION WEBSITE Webstore is a free auctioning website; they rely on donations to keep the business afloat. Webstore also allows visitors to purchase items without creating an account.

This makes it a popular destination to buy and sell rare, unusual items.

Some of the major downsides of Webstore is the unattractive user interface and poor support.

#4 AUCTION WEBSITE Bonanza prides itself in being the go-to place for extraordinary items.

The website’s slogan is “everything but the ordinary”, and you already know it lives up to its slogan by just opening the website.

You will be welcomed by old, weird, geeky, unique items. Bonanza is a good destination if you are trying to pick up gift items and you don’t know what exactly to get.

The most notable of the cons of using Bonanza is the very limited userbase; which means getting your items sold would not be as easy as it would be on a larger site like eBay.

But Bonanza makes up for that with its cheap fees.

#5 AUCTION WEBSITE Although the website looks like something that was designed during the Dot-com bubble; Atomicmall is home to some of the best Niche items.

You will find different types of collectibles, handcrafted items, tools, and sporting goods.

Atomicmall is a suitable place for crafters, collectors, and retro gamers.

It does not require registration for buyers to purchase on the site.

#6 AUCTION WEBSITE Liquidation is a good place to auction bulk items.

The website has a simple, easy-to-use interface that many may not find attractive but it is effective.

Most of the products you will find on this website are from the inventories of overstocked manufacturers and retailers.

You can buy items from independent sellers and the website themselves.

Liquidation is perfect for small businesses (resellers) who are looking for a supply source.

Before you buy from this website, note that not all the products are in perfect condition, so do well to check the condition of the product.

Also, ensure you check the shipping estimate before you bid. The size and weight of your shipment should give you an idea of the cost.

#7 AUCTION WEBSITE AuctionZip brings you the thrill and excitement of a traditional auction.

The website allows you to bid in real-time for various items, simulating the spirit of standing in an auction hall while you place your bids.

The interface is easy-to-use and user-friendly. The website only supports payments through credit and debit cards.

The items for sale on this website are usually very unusual, sometimes too unusual.

Customer support is also not so good, but the bidding experience is quite fascinating.


Charity Auctions Today: One of the best websites for online charity auctions.

The platform is well designed and equipped with tools to help organizations raise money for charity purposes.

This is suitable for charity organizations looking to raise money from bidders that couldn’t make it to the offline event.

The website support is top-notch, they communicate properly with users and help them set up their auctions.

#9 AUCTION WEBSITE iOffer is one of the largest auction sites on the internet, offering a free and safe platform for over one million buyers and sellers worldwide.

The website has a wide range of listings for buyers to choose from, with an attractive, easy-to-use interface.

iOffer has a trending search list, where you can find the most searched listings on the website.

#10 AUCTION WEBSITE QuiBids is another auction site that you may want to give a shot.

They specialize in selling inventory overstock, liquidations, and warehouse products.

Such as tech items, gift cards, home appliances, and other items.

Quibids guarantees that all the products obtainable on their website are brand new, in perfect condition.

Their homepage features the top and latest deals, allowing users to join an auction immediately without having to search through listings.

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