AuctionsLive is a website that has pioneered digital auction solutions to create auction acts as an auctioneer platform, linking buyers with sellers.

They offer a complete In-Room and Onsite Auction Solution, providing the technology to host world-class auction events.

No other company has been able to pull off the tools and software employed by AuctionsLive to easily create, display, capture, and live stream auction events.

This is immediately evident when you visit their website at

They have a website that makes it easy for real estate agencies and auction houses worldwide to turn their websites into Property Auction Platforms.

This is achieved by strategically implementing a “plug and play” technology incorporating an elegant, minimalist design that embodies any agency’s brand.

A key advantage of buying or selling at an auction is speed, with most of the work undertaken before the auction commencing.

Also, AuctionsLive ensures that there is no brand erosion and all brands are protected.

That is why they are a great option for so many real estate agencies and the auction house.

Here are some of the solutions offered on the website.

#1 In-Room Auction

In-Room Digital Auction Solution offers Real Estate Agencies the technological innovation needed to have premium in-room auction events. 

It gives the instruments and programming to effortlessly make, show, capture, and live-stream auctions straightforwardly to your organization’s website, while simultaneously igniting bidders and furnishing vendors with a competitive advantage.

If your business as of now has or is pondering facilitating in-room auction events, we would urge you to enroll for a one-week commitment-free trial.

#2 Onsite Auctions

Onsite Digital Auction Solution offers Real Estate Agencies the technology needed to stream live auctions directly to their company’s website.

It also supplies in-depth data analysis, statistics, and reporting tools. AuctionsLive bridges the gap in real estate auction by positively influencing results for selling agents and their clients.

Thereby enhancing the important role played by auctions in real estate.  

#3 Virtual Auctions

Auction Solution with Online Bidding provides Real Estate Agencies with the technological innovation needed to offer individual properties available to be purchased to a worldwide online crowd market.

Virtual Auctions is unlike the customary eBay-style auction and bidding and has been designed to be controlled by qualified and fit Auctioneers.

Promotion and marketing of Virtual Auctions are no different from promoting and marketing properties being offered through customary in-room or onsite auctions.

Virtual Auctions can see properties being auctioned and sold unconditionally with the fall of the virtual hammer.

The major benefits of using platforms are

  1. Online bidding: Increase competition on auction day by permitting pre-qualified individuals the capacity to place bids online directly to the assigned Auctioneer.
  2. Increased Exposure: This platform allows your company to live-stream its auctions to a global audience, including potential buyers and vendors, thereby maximizing both exposure and results.
  3. Streamlined Process: It also reduces the time spent on administering compliance requirements by providing both pre and post-auction with our simple and easy to use solution
  4. Brand Integrity: AUCTIONS LIVE recognizes that an organization’s website is one of a few places where it doesn’t vie for the consideration of prospective buyers and vendors. With an end goal to take out brand disintegration and increase brand protection, AUCTIONS LIVE urges all agencies to use their website whenever possible, rather than letting their digital presence un-essentially live on shared stages.
  5. Live Bids Capturing: Simulcast bids and auctioneer call signs live to your company’s website, as well as registered bidders’ smartphones and tablets.
  6. Management tools: Manage your vendor’s expectations before an auction through bidder pre-registration insight and past Auction Summary Reports.
  7.  Commercial and Residential: Can be utilized by Real estate agencies, Auction houses, and Independent auctioneers for commercial and residential auctions.

How works

Auctions campaigns customary take about a month and a half, giving the agent enough time to generate interest from multiple parties by promoting through various channels.

Furthermore, AuctionsLive encourages transparent competition to arrive at what is deemed as ‘current market value’ for a property.

Before auction day, prospective buyers will have the ability to view the property.

If interested, they can choose to obtain a copy of the Contract of Sale, arrange a pest and building inspection report, and get their finances in order.

Prospective buyers are expected to understand when buying at auction, and they are purchasing a property ‘as-is, where-is unless otherwise stated.

Onsite, in-room, and virtual auctions are traditionally “unconditional”, so when the hammer falls, the exchange of contracts has effectively occurred.

Winning buyers will need to immediately pay the agreed percentage of the purchase price as a deposit and sign the sale contract.

Getting started on platform has been uniquely designed for Independent Auctioneers, Auction Houses, and Corporate Groups to help them receive and manage Onsite and In-Room Auction Bookings.

The platform is easy to use and easy to set up, and it involves completing three easy steps.

  1. Setup an Account with AUCTIONS LIVE *
  2. Register your Auctioneers within the Office Administrator PC Control Console
  3. Copy and Paste AUCTIONS LIVE Auctioneers Booking Widget code onto your website

Once completed, you and your team will be kept up to date on all new auction booking requests. You will also be able to accept or decline auction bookings directly via the AUCTIONS LIVE Mobile Console App.

All forthcoming auction bookings will automatically be collated within the app allowing Auctioneers quick and easy access to booking information and the listing/selling agents’ contact details.

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