Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard has the biggest financial capacity of any scholastic organization on the planet. Its set of experiences, impact and abundance have made it perhaps the most esteemed University on the planet

Harvard University’s tuition might be a bit expensive for the average students but there are cheaper options that will not cost you anything near what admission into this prestigious university will cost you.

You All that is needed is an internet connection to take these free Harvard courses all in the comfort of your own space.

This is made possible through Harvard University’s online learning portal.

Harvard offers free online courses for various students irrespective of their educational background.

These courses are usually referred to as Massive Open Online courses (MOOCs).

These courses are taught by top teachers in the world and is accessible to anyone with access to the internet anywhere.

Harvard University in partnership with EdEX has over 60 free online courses available for students of the world. And it’s not difficult to begin.

Simply pick a course you like and fill the application form for the course. The free online courses are well diversified, so there is something for every ready student.

This article takes a look at the top 10 free online courses.

These courses are bound to give you a unique experience in learning you never thought you needed.

An Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai chi also called Shadowboxing is an internal Chinese marital art practiced for defense training, medical advantages and medications.

Although it is often viewed as a fitness exercise for older folks, yet there are a lot of physical and mental advantages you never knew existed with this Chinese martial art.

Tai chi is one of the only free wellness online courses offered by Harvard. It is created to enlighten its students on the benefits of Tai chi which is also referred to as the “meditation in motion.”

Tai chi can reinforce your heart, improve your posture, decrease pressure, improve adaptability and substantially more.

The classes are taken by a Tia chi master Stanwood Chang.

These classes can be taken in the solace of your family room or room and You can likewise re-watch the course as regularly as you need to master the loosening up moves.

PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies

This free module is essential from PredictionX, which looks at the endeavors of individuals to predict the future over all of written history.

This online course is just a week-long and gives you a vivid learning experience as you investigate pre-logical prediction frameworks going from old Chinese bone burning to the Oracle of Delphi to current crystal gazing and tarot.

When The Princess Saves Herself: Gender and Retold Fairy Tales

The current generation of ladies is gradually understanding the fact that they didn’t actually have the best good examples portrayed in fairy tale stories growing up.

Have you ever considered how old stories and fantasies help shape the narrative in which we consider gender jobs?

For what reason did characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and other female fantasies character should be saved by men, when they could have saved themselves? What narrative does that paint for the society?

This course analyzes the above issues and more. It will acquaint you with the investigation of male and female roles and investigate how we measure reevaluations of sexual orientation characters in folktales.


This is one of the most celebrated courses available at Harvard. It incorporates the oldest operating law school in the United States.

The course is taken by Michael Sandel and it runs for  12-week-long.

The Justice course investigates traditional and contemporary speculations of equity, including conversation of contemporary issues and discussions and present-day applications.

Women making history: 10 objects, many stories.

The course as taught by two female educators adopts the intriguing strategy of studying how American women made, stood up to, and accepted changes in the twentieth century by considering “10 iconic objects” from the Harvard Schlesinger Library.

This is a more limited, six-week course that requires a responsibility of around three hours per week.

Masterpieces of world Literature

This course takes you on a worldwide excursion to investigate the past, present, and fate of world literature. This 12-week course requires a time responsibility of at least seven hours every week.

During those hours, you will get to understand how incredible writers paint their reality, taking a gander at works from Goethe, Voltaire, and others.

Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Let’s be honest, we all are completely interested in pyramids and old Egyptian culture.

Take your interest to another level with this course where you will explore Egyptian archaeology within two months.

In taking this course, you will find how advanced instruments today like 3D-modellling are disentangling the secrets of the antiquated tombs and sanctuaries inside the pyramids and how they permit us to envision these landmarks recently.

Fundamentals of TinyML

TinyML is one of the quickest developing subjects of profound learning, and it’s getting more and more accepted by all.

This free course gives a profound understanding to you to comprehend this new field and how it takes into consideration the making of more reasonable cell phones, for instance.

You will understand get the essentials of AI, deep learning, and implanted gadgets and frameworks, for example, cell phones and other minuscule gadgets.

This course is taken by Vijay Janapa Reddi and Laurence Moroney, the lead AI Advocate at Google.

Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather

Backyard meteorology course guarantees that by taking it you will figure out how to forecast the climate just by peering out your window.

This course might actually save your life also, as there’s a part that illuminates you on how to abstain from being struck by lightning.

Shakespeare’s Life and Work

It’s a four-week course that you’ll read for as long as seven hours of the week.

During that time you’ll find out about the social meaning of Shakespeare’s plays and how to break down them both on the page and in execution.

This course incorporates recordings and readings shot on the spot in Stratford-upon-Avon and London.

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