To say that education has changed in recent the past would only be stating after the fact.

The global pandemic that has ravaged over 150 countries in the world has only laid it bare for even the most dogged defenders of the old system of education.

This article will show you seven Ivy league courses that you can do online for free.

With total college debts in the United States of America at $1.52 trillion and an average of around $33,000, it is apparent that college education burns a hole in the pocket.

You’ll expect that schools in the upper tiers of the education echelon cost more.

Hence, students who graduate or drop out from such schools have more debt to settle than their peers who attend less expensive schools.

We won’t try to get into the specifics because it can get confusing – stringent admission policies, grants, financial aids, loans, scholarships.

Those are topics for another day. This article will show you that you can have the best education and become certified without jumping through fire hoops.

Part of your $48,000 tuition fee might require you as a computer science major to spend time and effort studying for a history test on the Ice Age.

While no knowledge is a waste, don’t you think you could have easily Googled it and used the money for something else instead?

Now, to the reason you are here – 7 Ivy League free Online Courses

Financial Markets– Yale University professor, Robert Shiller takes responsibility for this course.

Reviews on the Coursera page show student satisfaction with the distinguished Sterling Professor of Economics’s expertise and teaching methods.

The syllabus runs for 32 hours of lessons. It introduces you to financial principles that you will find useful in banking institutes, insurance companies, and other relevant industries.

You don’t have to pay for this course until you need to get the certificate, which is available for only $49. That’s a bargain compared to the other option, in our opinion.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science – There aren’t many online courses out there that are more comprehensive than this Harvard University syllabus.

The 12-week long class is split among three tutors – Brian Yu, Doug Lloyd, and David Malan.

Embedded in the course are lessons to teach you how to solve problems using knowledge of algorithms, programming languages – C, Python, JavaScript plus CSS, SQL, and HTML.

This course demands more from you as a student than some of the others on this list.

You need to complete a final project and also get a pass mark on nine problem sets. Certification for this course costs only $90.

Introduction to Negotiation – This is a short course from Yale University that packs the fundamentals of negotiations into 32 hours of lecture.

Barry Nalebuff is rated as an elite level instructor on Coursera, and he teaches conflict resolution extensively on this course.

You will learn that to be a successful negotiator; you need a functional framework. That framework helps you convince people with your arguments.

You’ll gain other skills from completing this course, including game theory, negotiation, collaboration, principled negotiation, and working with ultimatums.

This course also prepares you to deal with people with conflicting opinions without setting off sparks. All of these and more are available for free, while the certificate costs only $49.

Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety – This is a versatile course about measuring and improving health and healthcare quality in the public and private sector.

Your tutor, Ashish Jha, is the Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, so you know you are learning from the best.

This course requires a commitment of about 2-4 hours every week for ten weeks.

The extensive syllabus covers burdens, measurements, standards, and improvements to the health system.

People that take this course set themselves on the path to personal and community development.

The certification also looks good on your CV, and it is available for only $99. The course itself is available for free.

The Art of Structural Engineering – This course focuses on vaults more than any other type of physical structure.

Your professor is Maria Garlock of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University.

You will learn about efficiency, economy, and elegance with respect to security lockers.

In this course, you will examine iconic vaults like the Pantheon and the works of distinguished builders like Anton Tedesko, Pier Luigi, Felix Candela, and so many more.

It does not matter if these names sound familiar to you or not. The course works for people with and without knowledge of engineering.

It is a six-week course with $49 for the certificate.

Gamification – The University of Pennsylvania serves up this free course. It is available for anyone that wants to learn the application of game elements.

It is a 17 hour-long syllabus by Professor Kevin Werbach, author of ‘For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business.’

This course is very flexible so that you can do it at your own convenience.

There are no rigid deadlines. Have fun! If you want to take this course for more than just fun though, it will set you back some $95 to get your certificate.

Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning– This course is a Brown University course hosted on Udacity.

It is the second of a 3-course series suited for people with some knowledge and experience in the field.

The series follows an engaging conversation between Professor Charles Isbell of Georgia Tech and Professor Michael Littman of Brown University.

You can take the course free, but there is no certification at the end of the program.

There are no rigid deadlines too in the one-month-long syllabus either. You can study at your pace.


Picking and choosing online courses means that you can have a laser-focused approach to your education.

While the best courses are free, you still need to pay for the certificates. It’s not all bad though, because useful lessons would pay for themselves – literally.

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