Cisco Systems Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales of networking hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech products and services.

They also offer Cisco certifications for network designers and various technical fields.

Cisco also offers training for these certifications through a portal called the Cisco Networking Academy.

Headquartered in San Jose California, Cisco is placed 4th on Fortune Magazine 2020 ratings of the 100 best companies to work for.

According to a 2019 article by Forbes, 93% of Cisco employees say it is a great place to work, and 9 out of 10 employees say they look forward to work. 98% attest to Cisco being a physically safe place to work.

96% say they are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.

87% of Cisco employees reported that Cisco is a psychologically safe place to work and 95% of Cisco employees were proud to tell other people that they work at Cisco.

Innovation, conducive workplace experience, company appeal, and all the other perks and benefits for the employees and their careers are why many talents in the US and all around the world would like to work at Cisco.

If you have read this article up to this point then you are most likely here to know how to apply and get a job at Cisco.

If that is why you are reading this article then you have come to the right place.

In the course of this article, we will go through how to apply for a role at Cisco, some tips to nail your interview, and some of the benefits of working at Cisco.


There are career opportunities available at Cisco for talents at different points of their careers.

Talents from a wide range of fields and not just tech and IT related fields can apply for work at Cisco.

Here are many of the job types available at Cisco Systems:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Hardware Engineering
  3. Network Engineering
  4. Pre-sales and product management.
  5. Customer support and engineering
  6. Solutions Architecture
  7. Services Consulting
  8. Sales—product
  9. Services, solutions, and customer success
  10. Business development
  11. Marketing and communications
  12. Human Resources
  13. Finance
  14. Legal
  15. Business strategy and operations
  16. Supply chain
  17. Information Technology
  18. Project and program management.


  1. Visit the official job site: The first step to landing your dream job at Cisco is by visiting the official job page to find out if there is a job opening perfect for your skills, qualifications, and experience. When you open the job page, you can search for a keyword and filter your search by country, state or region, job type, and area of interest.
  2. When you find the job title that interests you, proceed to carefully read the detailed job description and requirements before you apply. To apply you must create an account on the Cisco jobs site. You can log in to your account to track the status of your application. You can also find job openings on Glassdoor and network with Cisco recruiters on LinkedIn.
  3. If your profile fits Cisco’s business needs, you will be contacted for the next steps of your interview and application. To make your resume stand out and increase your chances of getting contacted for an interview and even getting hired, ensure your resume is up to date and tailored particularly for the Cisco role you are applying for. Showcase your achievements and optimize your resume with keywords.
  4. If you are invited for an interview at Cisco for any role, keep in mind that they are trying to know you and evaluate how much you know about their business, culture, and people. They will evaluate your skills and experiences against their business needs. Cisco will also ask about your academic achievements and work experience.
  5. For Students and New graduates, applying for an internship at Cisco; Cisco looks out for interns that are driven, innovative, and passionate about changing the world with technology. Internships last between 2-12 months and usually will fit your school’s academic calendar. Ensure that your skills, experience, and passion are a match for the role you are applying for.


  1. Cisco encourages applicants to apply for as many roles that fit their interests, skills, and qualifications. This means you are free to apply for as many roles as you see fit. Meanwhile, be careful to not submit applications for roles that do not align with your qualifications.
  2. You need to showcase that you are a brilliant team player. No matter how much technical skills you have, being a terrible team player will hinder you from getting a job at Cisco. You need to develop a “winning together” mindset to succeed at Cisco.


There is a long list of benefits available for Cisco employees that make the job at Cisco more fulfilling, exciting, and easier.

It is no wonder that they rank high amongst the best companies to work for.

Here are some of the benefits and perks you get as a Cisco employee:

  1. Competitive salary: Most Cisco employees gave good reviews about their salary on Glassdoor. Cisco prioritizes the financial wellness of its employees.
  2. Tuition Reimbursement: Cisco offers reimbursement for tuition, lab fees, and books for coursework at an accredited institution.
  3. Annual Bonuses: Cisco gives performance bonuses to its employees annually.
  4. Birthday holiday: Cisco allows its employees to take their birthday off to go celebrate.
  5. Paid time to volunteer: Cisco gives its employees 5 paid days a year to do some volunteer work.
  6. Comprehensive benefits: Cisco offers healthcare, insurance, leave of absence, and more to its employees.
  7. Health and fitness centers: Cisco grants its employees access to its LifeConnections Centre available on select campuses.
  8. Job Swap: You may swap 100% of your job with another Cisco employee on a permanent or temporary basis.
  9. Time Swap: You can swap 20% of your job with someone else. This enables you to learn something new performing the roles of other employees.
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