When you think of the transportation industry, it is almost impossible to not think of Uber.

The giant that became the future of taxis and transformed the way we commute.

Within a relatively short period, Uber has become so prominent that many other start-ups with similar business models refer to their products as the uber of X and Y.

Uber simply started by matching car owners with empty seats with other commuters going their way, but it has evolved into a platform of dedicated drivers who transport people to their destinations.

Uber Technologies Inc. has also delved into food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation.

Following a partnership with Lime, they also dabbled into electric bicycles and motorized scooter rental.

Uber was also into the development of self-driving cars up until they sold their subsidiary, Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG)—which was responsible for developing self-driving cars—to Aurora for 400 million dollars.

Uber in their quest to reinvent the way the world moves people, shipments, packages, or food. Needs creative and optimistic talents to help tackle some of the most fundamental and challenging problems of mobility.

If you are an optimistic, teachable, creative problem solver, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender, then you are welcome to advance your career with a job at Uber.


In Uber’s various subsidiaries, there is a wide range of job offers. Uber consists of 18 teams working on all their products and services.

You can apply for roles in these teams depending on your interests, passion, skills, and qualifications.

Uber Teams:

  1. Business Development: They are in charge of Uber’s mutually beneficial commercial relationships.
  2. Communications: They work with the media and policymakers to communicate Uber’s products and services.
  3. Community Operations: They are in charge of building and managing Uber’s community service network
  4. Data Science & Analytics: They analyze data for better policymaking and product development.
  5. Design: They come up with creative ideas for Uber’s products and services.
  6. Engineering: They are responsible for building Uber’s technologies
  7. Legal: They represent Uber legally. They are in charge of helping Uber understand legislative and regulatory policies and how they impact the products and company.
  8. Marketing: They are responsible for giving life to the Uber brand and promoting Uber’s mission and vision. The marketing team ensures they take Uber to potential customers, investors, and the community.
  9. Operations and Launch: This team oversees and manages how Uber’s digital technology affects the real world.
  10. People & Places: They handle everything people related. They empower Uber employees around the world to do their best work.
  11. Finance & Accounting: They are in charge of everything that concerns Uber’s finances.
  12. Public Policy: They engage policymakers to demonstrate how Uber benefits the cities in which they operate.
  13. Product: They make use of their understanding of customer needs to create innovative solutions to customer problems.
  14. Safety & Insurance: They work to keep drivers and customers safe on the road.
  15. Sales: They manage new and existing relationships. They serve as the link between Uber and its customers and help Uber grow.
  16. Security: They ensure the safety of customers and the customers’ data. Both online and offline.


  1. The first step to applying for a Job at Uber is to visit Uber’s official career website. Where you will find all the open roles and career opportunities at Uber. You can search for a preferred job role and filter your search by location, teams, sub-teams, and offerings.
  2. When you find a role that aligns with your interests, passion, skills, and qualifications, click on the job title to read all about the job description. Below the job description, you will find an apply button. Click on apply to proceed.
  3. Uber gives you the option of applying with a LinkedIn profile, an existing Uber recruiting profile, a resume, or without a resume by filling up a form about your experience, education, and work experience.
  4. Uber offers internship and co-op programs for university undergraduates, new graduates, and MBA interns. Check the university section on their official career site for more information.


  1. According to Glassdoor, about 32% of interviews at Uber are from employee referrals (19%) and recruiters (13%). An employee referral may help your chances of landing your dream job at Uber. Some jobs may not be listed on Uber careers, this is why you need to build a network of uber employees, especially recruiters and those that work in your preferred teams and offerings.
  2. Uber’s company culture encourages its employees to make “bold bets” to advance the company. Uber pushes employees to come up with unique ideas and make bold autonomous decisions.


Applicants and employees of Uber gave their reviews on the interview process on Glassdoor. Most applicants rated the interview questions as average.

About 49% of applicants said they had a positive experience during the interview. 31% reported negative experiences and 20% were neutral.

Past and present Uber employees report having gone through multiple stages of interviews and tests. Tech candidates should expect questions on design, algorithm, and data structure.

You may also have to undergo coding tests and demonstrate analytical skills on phone.


  1. Employee discount: Uber gives a 17% discount to its employees that makes use of its products and services.
  2. Good salary: The salaries of Uber employees are above the national average.
  3. Mobile phone discount: Uber discounts the mobile phone bills of its employers.
  4. Health insurance package: Uber offers health insurance packages to its employees and their families.
  5. Paid Holidays and Vacation.
  6. Free non-alcoholic drinks.
  7. 401(k).
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