As we slowly recover from the impact of the pandemic on the labor market and the economy, more people who were out of jobs are slowly returning to work.

Meanwhile, many people in the US have struggled to find jobs.

We have put together the 7 best websites (in no particular order) where job seekers can find jobs.

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a very useful job search tool and the most popular corporate social network platform. Entrepreneurs, career professionals, corporations, and job seekers from around the world use LinkedIn to build their network, find job opportunities, engage with other professionals, recruit talents, build their businesses, etc. Finding a job on LinkedIn is not a complicated process and there are different ways you can go about it.
    2. LinkedIn Jobs: LinkedIn jobs is LinkedIn’s job board that allows you to find openings from companies that are hiring. When you find the desired job opening, you can apply through LinkedIn or click the link that redirects you to the company’s job portal and apply directly.
    3. Network with potential co-workers: Make use of LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to find key players in your target companies. These key players should work in the same department/unit you are applying to, or they may be recruiters in the organization.
  2. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a job search website established in 2007, that allows current and former employees of a company to give reviews about that company, anonymously.
    1. These reviews make Glassdoor a reliable source for relevant information about your desired company. You can find all that you need to know about the salary structure, workplace condition, interview questions, and recruitment process, company culture perks, and benefits, of your desired company. Glassdoor also rates companies and company CEOs.
    2. Glassdoor allows companies to advertise their job openings to potential employees, therefore, you can also apply for jobs through Glassdoor’s job board.
  3. Google for Jobs: Just like Google’s famous search engine displays search results that are relevant to your keywords from all around the world, Google for jobs is a job search engine that shows you job openings from almost every job board and website on the web.
    1. In your keywords, you may include location, company, and job role. E.g. “software engineering jobs in LA” and “Netflix jobs in San Francisco”. When you find your preferred job opening, click on it and google redirects you to the website where the job opening is advertised.
    2. With Google for Jobs, you can switch on New Job alerts and Google will notify you whenever there is a new job opening that is relevant to your keyword.
  4. Indeed: Indeed is an employment listing website that was launched in 2004. Indeed boasts of 250 million monthly visitors, making it the number one job website in the world. According to the company, an estimated 10 new jobs are added to the website every second.
    1. Finding and applying for jobs on is a pretty easy process. All you have to do is log on to the website. When you visit the website, you will find a search engine with two boxes labeled “what” and “where”.
    2. You are to type in keywords like the desired company name, department, skills, certifications, career field, etc, in the “what” box. You are to type in keywords relating to the location you would like to work, like zip codes and state.
    3. When you complete the fields, click on “Find Jobs” and to generate jobs relevant to your filters.
    4. You will find employer-posted job advertisements and job advertisements from across the web when you search on Indeed.
  5. CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is one of the largest and longest-living job boards in the world. The website has been connecting job seekers with employers since 1995.
    1. Using CareerBuilder to find and apply for a job is as simple as visiting the website and using the “Find Jobs” function to find job openings.
    2. CareerBuilder allows you to filter your search with keywords that best describe your preferred place of work, job roles, salary, certifications, and location. CareerBuilder utilizes google AI to match job seekers with opportunities that are suitable for them.
  6. Monster: Monster is one of the most competent and trusted sources for career advice and job search.
    1. The company was founded in 1999 and became one of the first commercial online job boards.
    2. In addition to Monster’s wide range of job listings, the website also scores your potential fit with a job role based on your skills, qualifications, and interests.
  7. Company Job Websites: There is a huge chance that the company you are applying to has its official online job board where they post job openings in real-time.
    1. Do your research and locate the jobs or careers section on the company’s official website, search if there is an opening that suits your skills, interests, qualifications, and location, or if you will be willing to relocate to wherever the job opening is.
    2. Also read up about the company culture, perks, and benefits, get familiar with the team. All this information could come in handy if you are invited for an interview.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for a job on any of these websites

  1. Properly prepare your resume and cover letter: Your resume must be comprehensive and up to date before you apply for a job. It must contain your contact information and work history. It is more effective when you tailor your resume for the job you are applying for.
  2. Your cover letter is also an important part of your application, even though some employers and job listings may not require a cover letter.
  3. Follow up your application: Don’t just apply and forget about it, follow up your application by getting in touch with your contacts in the company through LinkedIn. Some companies allow you to track the progress of your application through their job portal.
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