How to Download Among Us Game for Free on Mobile

Among Us is surprisingly the rave of the moment. The simple cross platform multiplayer game that has taken the gaming world by storm. In recent months, Among Us has risen to become one of the most streamed games on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and even Facebook. The game consists of a team of 4-10 […]

The 10 Best Among Us Gameplays

Among Us is a multi-player social deduction game. The game is played by 4-10 players who are divided into Crewmates and Impostors. The crewmates are required to complete tasks and fish out the impostor(s). the impostor is required to kill all crewmates and sabotage the ship. Among Us is a game of wits and information. […]

The 15 Best Among Us Memes: Get Here!

Among Us has become a global phenomenon in the past few months. After streamers popularized the game, the Among Us community has continued to grow bigger ever since. In this age of social media, we all know how important memes are, and this game has inspired some of the most hilarious memes on the internet. […]

The 10 Best Twitch Streamers to Watch Among Us

This year has been arguably the worst year in recent history due to the pandemic that has led to loss of over 1.3 million lives, and the economy which has taken its biggest hit all around due world due to the lockdown restrictions. But for Innersloth, the American game studios responsible for the development and […]

Can my PC Run Among Us? Mac and Windows

Among Us has become one of the most successful games this year. It suddenly became one of the most streamed, most downloaded and most talked about game despite being released since 2018. It is a fun cross-platform multiplayer game, and it has taken the world by storm. Garnering hundreds of millions of downloads on PC […]

Among Us on Steam: How to Download and Play

Among us is a cross-platform social deduction multi-player game. One of the most surprising hits this year in the gaming world. The number of downloads and streams that the game has garnered this year, particularly in the second half of the year has been unprecedented. It was reported in September 2020 that the game got […]

Top 10 Among US Discord Servers

Among Us is one of this year’s most streamed and most downloaded games so far. This sudden interest in the game was made possible primarily because of the number of gamers that streamed the game on twitch and secondarily the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, which pretty much benefitted the entire gaming industry. There are two types […]

Among Us on PS4 or XBOX: How to Play?

The unprecedented rise in popularity of the multiplayer online game Among Us would go down as one of 2020’s most memorable events in the world of gaming. Among Us has only been released on Mobile (Android and iOS) and PC. But many users have been wondering if the addictive game is available on console, or […]

5 Hacks to Win in Each Among Us Map

There are three maps in Among Us: The Skeld, POLUS and MIRA HQ. Most players are only familiar with The Skeld as it is the first and most popular map. This is why many players find it difficult to navigate and complete tasks in other maps. Meanwhile, there are a lot of fun unique tasks […]

How to Download Among Us Game for Free on PC and MAC

Initially released on the 15th of June 2018, interest in the online multi-player game skyrocketed this year, particularly in the second half of the year. Thanks to well-known game streamers on Twitch and YouTube, who streamed the simple and addictive game on their platforms for their large fanbase. COVID-19 was also instrumental to the sudden […]